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Professional Development

The development of people, the element which leads to excellence

"Our position as world leader, the current and future challenges in the steel industry and the power to adapt to these changes and to transform tomorrow – these are some of the challenges showing us how important the development of people is.

The Human Resources has created in the past few years  integrated mechanisms and solutions for development, able to satisfy the demands of the organization, both in terms of the technical competencies and soft skills of our employees and contractors.

Also relevant are the Internship and Apprenticeship programs, development programs dedicated to students: future specialists and workers.

Using our Transformation Program ARC2020E, the strategic element of the unit, we aim to achieve operational excellence. This is why the development of people is the element which leads to excellence.”

Liviu Bogdan,  Head of the Training Departament ArcelorMittal GalaČ›i