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Health and Safety at Work


We want a safe and healthy work environment for our employees


“Health and Safety is the top priority of our company. Any incident, injury or loss of life changes our lives forever: the lives of the families, colleagues and friends. This is why we started out “Journey to ZERO accidents and occupational diseases”.

Any colleague who comes to work must return home safe and sound. By means of our central structure and specialists on the shop floors, we ensure that all the technical and organization measures which help us achieve that, are implemented.

Occupational diseases such as any disease irreversibly impact the working capacity of our employees. We are concerned not only with our people’s safety, but also with their health. This is the reason why we extended our medical services for our employees. Now, every employee can access modern and precise medical investigations, allowing them to carefully supervise their health condition.

We don’t consider these as obligations, but as a sign of respect for our steelworkers and a reflection of our desire to create safe, efficient and fulfilling workplaces.”

Ionel Onel, Head of Health and Safety, ArcelorMittal Galati