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“Our Steel Plant is not only the main pillar of the local economy and the most important steel producer in Romania, it is also the home of the biggest team working on an industrial site in Romania.

Being part of such a large family brings us great responsibility and pride. Our duty is to ensure the proper work conditions for our colleagues and our partners from contractor companies, so that they can always reach home safe and healthy. Our biggest joy is to create new human connections every day and grow as a team!  

The creative Human Resources family has developed in the last years, modern and fast services and professional development opportunities for employees. Also, our human resources specialists have designed various programs meant to attract young specialists and workers and last but not least, have reformed their interaction with the employees, based on respect, fairness and professionalism. All this because our just, hardworking employees deserve thebest there is!"
Mihaela Craciun - Head of Human Resources Department 


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