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Open Doors Day 2016

  • 5 days

  • Over 4,700 de participants (4,500 employees and members of their families, 125 students and professors, 100 visitors from the city)

  • 7 production departments visited

  • 230 volunteers 







Open Doors Day 2015 

Our unit opened its gates for the third year in a row on June 13th 2015, when the employees invited members of their families to show them where they carry out their daily tasks. An event of growing popularity, the Open Doors Day gathered 5, 500 visitors, 5 times more than at its first edition in 2013 and double compared to 2014.

Both our families and the authorities participated at a wide range of activities. As in the previous years, the Tower building was the main center of entertainment and information. The little ones had fun at the playground set up in front of the building and participating at the contests organized at the tents by representatives of departments of Environment, Human Resources, Quality and Health and Safety. The bigger children visited the production departments, starting with the Sintering – Blast Furnace area, the Steel Melting Shop and up to the mills area. Also, for the first time, those interested were able to visit the Quality Lab.  Another attraction was the plant’s tours done with a train, built especially for this event, by the representatives of the Internal Logistics Department.