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New Support from ArcelorMittal Galati for Galati Emergency Hospital

ArcelorMittal Galati continues to support the local medical system donating state of the art equipments.

In April 2016 the company bought and donated a lamp for the surgery table for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Ward, a Braun B Engine for specialized surgery in the Orthopedic Ward, as well as two vital signs monitors and two electrocardiograms for the E.R. Unit at the St. Andrew Galati Emergency County Hospital.

“Despite today’s challenges, we continue our multi-yearly plan to support the local health system ”, said Bruno Ribo, CEO of ArcelorMittal Galati. “We will continue to offer our support for the local health and education projects, in line with our long-term corporate responsibility strategy”.

“These donations solve the critical problems of the Emergency County Hospital”, said dr. Mihaela Debita, Manager of the Hospital. “We express our hope that this collaboration will continue”.

ArcelorMittal Galati has a solid tradition of helping the local medical institutions, as part of its social responsibility strategy. Recently, the Company offered an anesthetic unit for the “C.F.R.”  Hospital and donated a series of necessary equipments to the St. Andrei Galati Emergency County Hospital, besides showing its support for a series of educational projects.


ArcelorMittal Galati continues to support the local medical institutions

ArcelorMittal Galati consolidates the support offered to the local medical health care institutions by donating state of the art equipments. The Company offered an anaesthetic unit for the “C.F.R.”  Hospital and continued to donate a series of necessary equipments at the Galati Emergency County Hospital.

“As a responsible member of the community, we continue to support health projects to solve critical needs of the local public health system”, said Bruno Ribo, Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal Galati. “The modern equipments will add value to the health services provided for the citizens of Galati County. As part of our long-term community engagement program, we will continue to support and implement projects that focus on health and education”.


ArcelorMittal Galati donated a modern anesthesia equipment for the Surgery Operation Theatre at the “C.F.R.” Galati Hospital. “This donation allowed us to resume - in good conditions - the surgery procedures in our hospital. Thus, we will continue to be able to save the lives of our patients”, said Dr. Gabriela Ionescu, Manager of  the Hospital. Also, Galați Steel Plant delivered 4 new Life Monitors, two Elevators for non-transportable patients and a set of Video equipment for Difficult Intubation, for the Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy Batch from the Galati Emergency County Hospital.

“Now we have 12 new high-end Life Monitors, all donated by ArcelorMittal Galati. The elevators for the non transportable patients are facilitating our work and are improving the care for the patients. The difficult intubation system with video-camera can save lives”, said Dr. Nicoleta Lupu, manager of the  Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy Batch from the Galati Emergency County Hospital. Other projects for donating necessarily medical equipments for Burns, Orthopedics and Emergency Batches from the Galati County Hospital are in progress. 


ArcelorMittal Galaţi supports the development of palliative care in Romania 

ArcelorMittal Galati financially supports, since June 2014, an educational project carried out for the first time in Galati by HOSPTICE House of Hope, nongovernmental organization, promoter of palliative care in Romania. The educational project, launched by HOSPICE House of Hope together with ArcelorMittal will give 27 doctors and 20 medical assistants prepared to offer palliative care to the sick people in the county. The project educates these professionals through a wide range of activities. 5 scholarships were offered, that ensure access to a ser of 3 online courses of palliative care. After these courses, the graduates will receive diplomas recognized by the Doctors College in Romania. 


Totodată, 2 medici din Galați urmează în prezent programul educațional în vederea obținerii atestatului în paliație, pentru a dobândi dreptul legal de a coordona un serviciu de îngrijiri paliative.  De asemenea, în 2014 și 2015 au participat la  curs introductiv de trei zile douăzeci de asistenți medicali, iar la cel avansat cinci asistenți care au beneficiat și de două zile de practică clinică în toate serviciile de îngrijire ale fundației HOSPICE Casa Speranței de la Brașov, iar în perioada 25-27 iunie, douăzeci de medici de familie din județ au participat la cursul „Abordarea paliativa a pacientului oncologic in medicina de familie” organizat în parteneriat cu Asociația Medicilor de Familie Galați, la Clubul ArcelorMittal din oraș.  

ArcelorMittal Galati donates state of the art medical equipment for St. Andrew Galati Emergency County Hospital

ArcelorMittal Galati continues to support its local community by carrying out health projects aimed at improving the quality of care and service provided by local medical facilities. The Company today announces it has donated state-of-the-art medical equipment to four wards of St. Andrew Galati Emergency County Hospital: the Emergency Admission Unit – “Red Code”, Anesthetic and Intensive Care, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Orthopaedics. “This donation further cements our long-term commitment to the local community and demonstrates our ongoing involvement in identifying its needs”, said Bruno Ribo, Chief Executive Officer of  ArcelorMittal Galati. “The new, state-of-the-art equipment’s aim isto cover the needs of the local medical system, while contributing to the improvement of the quality of its services. We will continue to develop new projects that correspond to the local community’s needs, as part of our social responsibility program, which is focused on health and education.”


The donation included a fresh air injector system and air conditioning devices for the Emergency Admission Unit – “Red Code”, 12 specialized beds with electrical engines, which allow patients to be positioned in a certain manner (for the Anesthetic and Intensive Care ward), two sets of binocular eyeglass, four tourniquets, two sets of microsurgery kits and 15 anti-bedsore mattresses, which enable faster patient recovery, for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Also, ArcelorMittal Galati donated 10 transporting wheelchairs for the Orthopedics ward. “The equipment donated by ArcelorMittal Galati is of critical importance, covering essential operational needs within the hospital”, said Dr. Mihaela Debita, the Manager of St. Andrew County Hospital.  ArcelorMittal Galati is also developing several other health projects, which will materialize during 2015.

Latest Generation Equipment for the County Hospital

In terms of public health, the Steel Plant has supported in 2013, the largest hospital unit in Galati by providing latest medical equipment. The company has offered facilities for Anesthesia and Intensive Care ward, for the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Burns compartment and for Neurosurgery section, according to the specific requirements of physicians. Thus, the Hospital received four cutting edge monitors of vital functions for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care ward. Meanwhile, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery received a Skin Mesher equipment for skin grafts and a Braun battery motor for specialized surgery. Half the wing was equipped with air conditioning devices, and the next year the entire department is to benefit from this facility. Also, the Neurosurgery ward received a kit with specialized surgical instruments for neurosurgical interventions, and 10 wheel chairs. For some equipment, training sessions for staff are organized.


ArcelorMittal Galati supports SMURD Galati with complete working equipment

ArcelorMittal Galati supports the Mobile Emergency Service & Reanimation (SMURD) Galati with all the necessary best quality working wear equipment for its 40 paramedics, medical assistants, ambulance workers and drivers. The Company donated boots, overalls, and all the working wear that are necessary for SMURD employees in their day-to-day activity.

"We have a deep appreciation for the professionalism, hard work and determination of all the people working for SMURD Galati. Our gesture represents only a small token of our gratitude", says Bruno Ribo, C.E.O. ArcelorMittal Galati. "We believe that it is our responsibility to support and honour the people who are committed to watch over us and to rescue lives".

Dr. Angel Trifan, the Head of SMURD Galati said: "We welcome ArcelorMittal Galati initiative and we hope we will have a long-term partnership with the Company, in the best interest of our community".

The decision to support SMURD Galati is part of the actual program to focus its investment efforts for the local public health and education. Other projects are ongoing.


Donation – Surgical Table 

ArcelorMittal Galati donated in 2012, a state-of-the-art surgical table to the “Plastic Surgery” Section of the local Emergency County Hospital “Sf. Andrei. The equipment has been installed and it is now in use.The surgical table meets all current quality standards, and besides the donation, the company will ensure trainings for the medical staff, with specialists from Western Europe. ArcelorMittal Galati and the County Hospital "St. Andrew" decided to establish a working group to assess the needs of the hospital, in order to develop further projects of this type.


Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative - "Sf. Apostol Andrei" Galati Hospital 

This project has been implemented by UNICEF experts with ArcelorMittal Galati financial help. The public maternity hospital (more than 3.000 new-born/ year) in Galati will become a Baby Friendly Hospital by improvement of the “rooming-in” conditions, by creating a mother and baby friendly environment, but also by offering best quality and diversified services provided by a knowledgeable and skilled staff. At the moment of project implementation, the maternity hospital in Galati had 84 mother and child units for healthy babies and additional 21 beds for mothers for premature/sick infants, amounting to 105. The old furniture was made in 1974. 

Donation of 15 air-conditioning systems - Children Hospital "Sf. Ion" Galati (250 beds)