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Company History

1960 – The decision of erecting a brand new Steel Plant in Galati was taken 

1961 – The construction works were started 

1966 – The first heats are elaborated; the Plant start the production with one sintering plant, one Blast Furnace (1,700 cubic meters) and one Steel Melting Shop 

1991 – The Steel Plant becomes a shares company and receive the name SIDEX 

2001LNM Holdings NV buys the state shares at SIDEX 

2006 – Mittal Steel and ArcelorMittal are merging – the name of the Plant shifted into ArcelorMittal Galati 

2009 – ArcelorMittal Galati became the center of Flat Carbon Europe – South Eastern Division

2014 – ArcelorMittal Galati and ArcelorMittal Skopje are now a new Europe South East business division